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Piano Repair & Consultation

Skillful Repair Creates Happy Customers

As a piano technician, I can take care of any in-home repair such as sticking-keys, action-regulation, broken-parts, etc.

One advantage of this business is the opportunity to choose between in-home piano tuning services and repair, or workshop rebuilding of pianos. Rather than shutting myself away in a piano repair shop, I have focused on creating satisfied customers in their homes.

Sticking Keys

When having a problem with sticking keys, it is a good idea to write down exactly which key is problematic.

The simplest way to record which key is sticking is to start numbering the “C’s” starting from the lowest: C1, C2, C3… etc…

The lowest note on the piano is A0 whereas the highest key is C8. The keys above highlighted in yellow are D#1, G2, A#3, B5 & F#7. Piano tuners refer to all black keys as "sharps" never "flats."

Avoiding Piano Repair Pitfalls

I hope your piano does not require extensive rebuilding repair. However, if your instrument needs such repairs, I can offer advice about the best approach and help avoid pitfalls.

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