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Piano Tuning Fee - Cost of Service

Price for basic Piano tuning

A basic piano tuning fee is $175. If the piano pitch is low to the point it needs extra work, pitch changes are $95. Although piano tuning usually takes 45-90 minutes, I recommend reserving two hours for complete service.

Looking For A Bargain? Quality Is The Best Economy!

Customers pay thousands of dollars for their instruments and to gamble on piano care to avoid a small difference in tuning cost is an unnecessary gamble.

While everyone enjoys a bargain, I am concerned that bargain~shoppers may not realize the enormous differences among piano tuners. Only schedule a qualified professional piano tuner to care for and maintain your musical instrument. Quality is the best economy.

Three issues influence a customer’s opinion of a piano tuner’s service:

  1. The judgment of the person who recommended the piano tuner.
  2. The personality and presentation of the piano tuner.
  3. The price/fee/cost of piano service.

If a piano tuner/technician’s prices are low, it raises doubts; “If he is so good, why are his prices lower than my last tuner, or lower than my friend’s piano tuner?”

Piano Tuning ~ There Is a Difference!

Many piano tuners adopt lower service standards, believing customers can’t distinguish the difference in quality. More often than not, the bargain-basement tuner underestimates his customers; customers can and do notice the difference.


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