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As a Kansas City Piano Tuner, I have been tuning pianos for concerts, recitals, and personal in-home piano service since 1984 in the Greater Kansas City area.

My passion for piano tuning ignited while traveling from 1978-1983. I moved back to Kansas City in 1983 and discovered a wealth of valuable information from the local piano technicians; through their support and my hard work, my piano tuning business flourished.

In 1984, I joined the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG). After completing the PTG’s tuning exam, the administrators said I scored higher on the piano tuning exam than anyone tested by the Kansas City PTG chapter.

Tuned Pianos For Acclaimed Piano Artists

I was a member of the Piano Technicians Guild for several years before becoming independent of the organization. As an independent piano technician, I have tuned for professional pianists and recording artists such as:

  • George Winston
  • Dino Kartsonakis
  • Joan Baez
  • Howard Hill
  • Kem Owens
  • and others

I have tuned for various artists at:

  • the Music Hall
  • Midland Theatre
  • The Kansas City Symphony
  • concerts at Worlds of Fun
  • Crown Center
  • Saint Joseph’s University
  • The Hyatt Regency
  • The Uptown Theater
  • and for a season, took care of the pianos for the International Piano Competition held in Joplin, Missouri at Missouri Southern State University.

Piano Tuning for Legendary Kansas City Pianist

However, the customer I am most proud of knowing and tuning for, and who, over the years became a friend, is the legendary Kansas City pianist Richard Cass. Before his passing on Saturday, November 28, 2009, Mr. Cass wrote the following kind words of support:

"Chuck Littau has “nursed” my Steinway “B” since I acquired it two decades ago. Due to his expertise and sensitivity, it sounds as good or better than it did when it was new. I have never hesitated to recommend him to friends – both professional and non-professional – and I have yet to hear a report of anything but satisfaction with his excellent work. He has the respect of his fellow technicians, and he certainly has mine!" ~ Richard Cass, Pianist

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